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A useful guide to the costs you may incur.

Services Westerleigh Canford / South Bristol
Cremation Burial Cremation Burial
Professional services £680 £680 £680 £680
Supplementary services £755 £755 £755 £755
Veneer Elm / Oak coffin £325 £325 £325 £325
Limousine £175 £175 £175 £175
Total of our charges £1.935 £1.935 £1.935 £1.935
Add third party charges (disbursements)
Chapel hire/Crematorium fee £865 £235 £770 £170
New grave and first interment fee from: - £2.115 - £1.400
Doctor's fees £164 NIL £164 NIL
Officiant's fee £182 £182 £182 £182
TOTAL COST £3.146 £4.467 £3.051 £3.687

We are happy to provide an accurate breakdown of the costs you will incur

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Fair Funeral Pledge

First and foremost, a big thank you for putting prices on your website, ensuring transparency and honesty is at the centre of what you do. With funeral poverty having risen 50% in just three years, it's of key importance that the bereaved have access to open information and prices on funeral directors' websites.

By being open and transparent about your prices by displaying them online, you are helping people in bereavement make informed financial choices to help avoid the pitfall of funeral poverty.

Please find attached our updated Fair Funerals logo for use on your website and any media releases, along with guidelines for its proper usage. This is exclusively available for usage by funeral directors who have signed our extended pledge.

Yours sincerely,
Fair Funerals


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